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Project Sponsorship: It's Action and Position

What is the number one requirement for project success? 

Sponsorship. Sponsorship. Sponsorship!

No matter what type of strategic initiative you are working on--- Agile, Healthcare Transformation, Lean Six Sigma, Technology Implementation, Business Transformation—you must build a cascade of committed Sponsors.

The simple truth of the matter is 30-50% of the success of your project depends on Sponsorship. Without the demonstrated commitment of your leaders there will be no change!  

In this one-hour webinar Don Harrison, the developer of the AIM Methodology discusses: 

  • Why Sponsorship is not a volunteer position
  • What you must do on large scale changes that have multiple Sponsors
  • How Change Agents can use Sponsor contracting to secure the actions needed from Sponsors throughout the project life cycle
Project Sponsorship Webinar

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