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The AIM Accreditation session is critical learning for Project Managers, HR/OD, IT, Org Effectiveness, and business and clinical leaders. For the fastest path to optimization, it’s ideal to have us come on-site and Accredit your core team, including key Sponsors.  We’ll tailor the session to your projects and you’ll “learn by doing,” so it’s not down-time—it’s work time!  Or come together to a public session.

Your Teams Will:

  • Identify and mitigate systemic, historical barriers in your organization
  • Present your “asks” to Sponsors so you get what you need through our repeatable Sponsor Contracting process
  • Start to create strategies and deliverables for building Readiness, Communication, Sponsorship, and Reinforcement Plans
  • Apply proven strategies, tactics and principles at any point in your project, from Planning through Evaluation on even the most complex, enterprise and transformational changes

Leave With These Work Products:

  • A Sponsor Assessment for your project
  • Key Role Maps to identify where you will need Sponsors and Agents
  • Asks for a Sponsor Contracting meeting
  • Analysis of your own organization’s Implementation History
  • Risk mitigation strategies and tactics

The icing on the cake:  you’ll qualify for QEP hours if you’re seeking ACMP certification.

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All Change Certification Programs Are Not Alike

We know there are many companies that offer change management certification, and if you’ve done research you know the AIM Accreditation program is not the shortest or frankly, the cheapest. 

  • Yes, it’s is a day longer than most, because there is so much to know—including how to manage leaders and how to deal with the power and politics of change
  • And yes, it’s just a little more expensive, but well worth it, because you have a unique opportunity to work in a small group, one-on-one with Don Harrison, the developer of AIM, or Nancy Harrison, Managing Partner of IMA, a former senior executive in multiple organizations.

Don and Nancy are not your run of the mill instructors.  They consult to executives and teams, and have supported pretty much every industry over their decades-long professional careers.  They’ve seen it all.  Plus they use humor and story-telling, adding their own treasure-trove of experiences to enrich the learning.

It’s Exactly What You Need to Implement Your Projects and Build Capacity!

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AIM Certification

 We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast. 

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose to be an AIM Accredited Practitioner?

  • "The AIM Accreditation is truly one of the best and most practical trainings I’ve had. I immediately put the methodology’s principles to work, and am already getting more clarity."


    --Senior Management Analyst, IT

  • "Accreditation sets practitioners up to effectively use the tools and tactics. It’s based on decades of real-world experience and is taught in a manner that gave me the practical skills I need."


    --Process Engineer

  • "The Accreditation training and materials are great, the science and tools born out of experience and research, and the real usability of all are the key selling features for me.”


    --Change Manager

  • "I highly recommend this session for those who are going through large scale change transformation. AIM Accreditation was when the “light bulbs” went off for me. I left the 4 days prepared and ready."


    --IT Change Consultant

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