Business Transformation 

Using Change Management in Business Transformation

Radical Change Requires A Different Change Approach 

Transformation is radical change. Logic says you can’t get radical change by implementing like you have before. Most importantly, Transformation requires radically different Sponsorship from your leaders, and radically different Reinforcements. 30-50% of Transformation success depends on what your Sponsors demonstrate publically and privately in their own behaviour.

Here’s what we know. Transformation is enterprise change that impacts traditional power structures. It’s highly disruptive, and you can bet you will face resistance. Perhaps shockingly, it will probably be greatest in your own management team!

Don’t think you can get Transformation just by a Communication Plan. Communication is just one piece of the Transformation success puzzle.

We’ve supported dozens of Business Transformations in industries like Pharma, Healthcare, Finance, Oil and Gas—you name it. After 3 decades of Transformational Change experience, here’s a plan you can count on working for you:

  • Use AIM strategies and tactics so you have a cohesive, singular implementation framework and a full implementation plan
  • Measure progress and mitigate risks on the human-side with AIM measurement diagnostics
  • Prepare leaders and your management team to be good Sponsors with our Sponsor training. We can conduct it, or we can teach you to conduct it for yourself
  • Skill up your Change Agents through AIM Change Management Training and Accreditation
  • Invest in AIM Change Management Consulting to guide your team through the rough waters ahead

Your Transformation is a golden opportunity to build your change capacity for this change, and changes sure to come. Don’t squander it.

We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast.

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose AIM?

  • “AIM gives me language to discuss and make plans around the hardest part of change—the human side. This has helped me with coaching my teammates and our clients through transformational change.”


    --Training Manager, Healthcare Consulting


  • "Having led change management for several Fortune companies, I have reviewed and used multiple change management models. The best one that I have used, and that has moved the change needle the farthest, is the AIM approach from IMA. No model gets to the heart of change quicker and produces the actual business results quicker. Well worth the investment as it helps to shape the culture as it up-skills the organization."


    --Director, Leadership and O.D.(former), Specialty Retail

  • “Before being AIM accredited our change management approach was “spray and pray” with very little success. I now feel equipped to tackle big projects using the AIM method with an almost guaranteed high level of success.”

    --Sales Manager, Global Pharma

  • “Your assistance truly was invaluable. We faced tremendous resistance to change, and we just could not have been so successful without you.”

    --Life Sciences, Global Pharma

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Build Internal Capacity with Change Management Training

IMA's Change Management Training Programs focus on building your capacity to apply the AIM change management process to transformational change. Bring your own project and work real-time while you learn.

Managing Business Transformation with AIM

Speed Implementation with Change Management Consulting 

IMA's Change Management Consultants can work side-by-side with your team to accelerate your learning. We coach you in completing key change management deliverables while you build your internal capacity to apply AIM to the Transformation and on future projects.

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