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Training and awareness are important elements of the change capability-building puzzle.  Our change management training programs reflect the AIM methodology itself: practical, applied, and outcome-focused.  We have “something for everyone”— from your senior leaders to management team members and front-line supervisors.  Even training for your staff who deal with the “emotional rollercoaster” of change every day.  Summaries of our most popular action learning programs are below.  Contact us to talk strategy, pricing, and details of all our options.   

Introduction to AIM

Readiness, Change Leadership, Communication Planning, and Resistance to Change are just the beginning of what’s covered in this Action Learning program.

Like all our change management training programs, the Introduction to AIM is practical training. Participants apply learning to their change projects, either independently or in small teams, and take away an assessment of their organization’s cultural risks, operationalized tactics and strategies, core tools, a new vocabulary, and informed insights into what AIM will deliver for your organization.

The Introduction to AIM 2-day program is an excellent option if you:

  • Want an overview of fundamental change management and how to apply it to projects
  • Need to build a “critical mass of champions”—from IT, to Project Managers, to Business and Clinical leaders, to HR, to….
  • Aren’t sure where to start on the change management journey
  • Want to test the waters to see if this is the right change management methodology for your organization

Offered virtually and on-site.  Earn ACMP QEP hours.

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Project Planning Workshop

One or two of your intact core project teams together for 3 days—learning AIM fundamentals, and working collaboratively on their change management deliverables.  It’s applied learning, real time, under the guidance of a true expert consultant.  Imagine what you could accomplish in a few days that could take weeks otherwise,   It’s not downtime; it’s work time!

The Project Planning Workshop is tailored to your project lifecycle and starts your team on key human-side work products, including:

  • Developing a clear, compelling Change Definition, including impacts, “human objectives,” and anticipated disruptions
  • Identifying the key roles of Sponsors, Reinforcing Sponsors, and Change Agents, and building a Key Role Map visualizing required resources and timing
  • Starting work on critical strategies for Building Readiness, Sponsorship, Communication, and Reinforcement

It’s a powerful experience that’s work-producing and team-building at its most job relevant.

Offered virtually and on-site.  Earn ACMP QEP hours.

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AIM Accreditation (Change Management Certification)

AIM Accreditation is our signature change management certification course.  For detailed information about this program, click here

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Executive Briefing

Too often, senior leaders assume that “change” is for others. They don’t recognize the need to play a visible, active role as Sponsors.  What’s more, they aren’t aware what they personally need to do to demonstrate their commitment to changes. 

The potential for implementation success increases exponentially once they know expectations, and agree to behaviorally cascade commitment to their own direct reports. That’s why this 3-4 hour session has such a dramatic impact on the speed and business outcomes of projects!

Each Executive Briefing is business-focused, tailored to your needs, and built around data on your own past history of implementation.  Topics typically include:

  • The important difference between “installation” and “implementation” and how this affects value realization
  • What leaders must do to express, model and reinforce behaviors to be effective Sponsors
  • Why leaders control the pace of change as opposed to the activity level of project teams

Offered virtually and on-site. 

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You can feel the potential for acceleration when all the Sponsors for your project are aligned and demonstrating their personal commitment to the change every day!  That’s why the 1 day SponsorShop session is so valuable.

What’s more, better Sponsors are better leaders.  In a matter of hours, we build both awareness and competence, all focused on your project and your organization.  The program is built around your data on past implementation practices, and includes a personal assessment of each participant’s strengths and developmental opportunities to become more effective Sponsors.

It’s inter-active, fast-paced, and includes:

  • The difference between “installation and implementation”
  • What is Sponsorship, and how Sponsor behavior drives implementation success
  • How Sponsorship impacts the other key elements of the AIM methodology, including Readiness, Communication, and Reinforcement
  • A time-bound action plan to drive personal behavior change

Offered virtually and on-site.

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There’s no doubt that organizational life today can feel like an emotional rollercoaster where people experience constant whiplash from the unprecedented number of changes.  It’s true across the board—whether your organization is for profit or non-profit; large or small; or wherever in the world you happen to be located. 

The challenge is to ensure everyone remains productive and professional without succumbing to resistance from the sheer level of disruption.   

The ChangePro ½-day program gives participants the awareness needed to better self-manage through change, using a current real change as the “case study”.  When people feel more control, there’s much greater readiness, and much less resistance!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the personal impact from an upcoming change
  • Clarifying expectations for the future
  • Explaining why it’s normal to have some “change pain”
  • Creating a personal self-management action plan

Offered virtually and on-site, with the option of a session in the morning and a Train the Trainer in the afternoon.

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