The AIM Methodology

The AIM Change Management Methodology

The Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a flexible, but business-disciplined framework for managing organizational changes, including transformational change, through to full Return on Investment.  It’s an integrated system of operationalized principles, strategies, tactics, measurement analytics and tools, supported by certification and learning programs.  

AIM can be applied to any kind of initiative or project. While most organizations spend the bulk of their resources and energy on the technical and business process components, the greatest risk for failure or sub-optimization is actually on the human-side of the equation. 

Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) Road Map

AIM: A Risk Dashboard for the People-Side of Your Projects

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How Do You Measure a Project's Success?

Don't Fall Into the Installation Trap. Optimize Your Change Changes -- at Speed

Although many organizations are quite competent at getting changes installed—meaning they are up and running, they fail to get benefit realization for their investment. Why? Because there is no behavior change, or the new behavior is not sustained. It’s a common pattern we call Installation versus Implementation.”

Launch or Go Live is just the start!

By applying the AIM Change Management Methodology in a fit for purpose way you are far more likely to achieve all five best practice success metrics for your strategic initiatives:

   On Time

    Within Budget 

  All Technical Objectives Met

  All Business Objectives Met

  All Human Objectives Met 

Don’t settle for less than full implementation. 

Installation Does Not Equal Implementation

Find Out if You Are a Victim of the Installation Trap

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Why Choose AIM?

  • "Having led change management for several Fortune companies, I have reviewed and used multiple change management models. The best one that I have used, and that has moved the change needle the farthest, is AIM. No model gets to the heart of change and produces the actual business results quicker. Well worth the investment.”

    --Director, Leadership and O.D.(former), Specialty Retail

  • “I am very impressed with your model and the emphasis on Installation versus Implementation. I have been involved with several change efforts where reinforcement was not built into the design and we were left with installation and lack of ROI. I have taught another well-known CM methodology at my company but it falls short and lacks the reinforcement piece.”


    --Financial Services

  • "AIM has been a tremendous aid in making cultural barriers more visible and opening the dialogue about behaviors that need to change to meet our target and expected outcomes. It’s provided ways to have conversations of who the Sponsors need to be, and what is needed from them to be successful.”

    --Black Belt, Healthcare System

  • “The AIM methodology is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

    --VP, Leadership and OD, Technology Company

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