ERP & Technology Changes 

Technology Changes Require Change Management

Buying New Technology is the Easy Part

Getting full value for your investment in new technology requires much more than getting hardware and software installed and launched. Sustained adoption depends on achieving technical, business, and human objectives—what people must do differently in the future. In every technology change, there are behavioral changes needed for you to get the intended value for your investment. But too often, success is declared at “go live”—far too early, before users have demonstrated sustained adoption.

Using AIM strategies, tactics, tools, and measurement diagnostics, we help you fully implement your technology changes, from designing a full implementation plan, to integrating the plan with project management, skilling up Change Agents, and most importantly, making Sponsors aware of their critical role. It’s true—it’s your Sponsors who control the speed of your implementation, not your project team!

We’ve worked on dozens of system changes in practically every industry. Nothing surprises us (even though we know your organization is, in fact, special and unique!)
So, no matter the size or complexity of your implementation, we help you not only get this change implemented—we build your capability for the future with a proven, repeatable process: AIM.

We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast.

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose AIM?

  • “The AIM methodology is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.” 


    --VP, Leadership and OD, Technology Company

  • “AIM has given me the ability to successfully coach our IT project teams on how to increase their change adoption.”


    --IT Internal Consultant, Financial Services

  • “I really like the practical/real-world/outcome orientation of AIM. The training this week made the challenges I face on my main delivery program, especially around Sponsorship, crystal clear.”   


    --Program Management, Technology


  • “In the new changing world, the question is not: should we change or not? The real question is: how fast you can change? AIM is your way to successful change implementation.”


    --Training Head, Global Pharma


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Build Internal Capacity with Change Management Training

IMA's Change Management Training Programs focus on building your capacity to apply the AIM change management methodology to technology projects. Programs and Workshops are offered to build readiness for audiences from Senior Executives to the Front Lines.

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Managing Technology Changes with AIM

Speed Implementation with Change Management Consulting 

IMA's Change Management Consultants can work side-by-side with your team on your Technology projects. We can augment your team, or coach you in completing key change management deliverables while you build your internal capacity to apply AIM on future projects.

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