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Change Management for Mergers and Acquisitions

What Happens After the Deal Matters Most

“Same bed, different dreams.” That sums up what you face after the deal is signed. While M&A’s are positioned as a marriage, there is rarely love involved. Each side comes to the table with very different preferred outcomes. And the research on value for M&A investments bears out what we know from our 30 years of experience: successful “integration” requires much more than the integration of policies, systems, and structures. In fact, many organizations still experience a “we-they” mentality even years later.

Our consultants work with your Leadership Team to determine the degree of integration they seek, the desired culture, and then use a disciplined approach for achieving it. It’s a fast, efficient process that builds buy-in and accountability, with measurement diagnostics to identify the cultural barriers based on each organization’s past history of implementation.

IMA’s ChangePro Workshop gives your people skills to self-manage the roller coaster of emotions they are sure to experience so you don’t spend time and resources overcoming M&A resistance that can directly impact productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately business outcomes.

We’ve done integrations across all types of global organizations, including Pharma, Oil & Gas, Finance, and Manufacturing—without an army of consultants.  We’ll help you too.

We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast.

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose AIM?

  • “Having led change management for several Fortune companies, I have reviewed and used multiple change management models. The best one that I have used, and that has moved the change needle the farthest, is AIM. No model produces the actual business results faster.”  


    --Director, OD, Retail


  • “In the new changing world, the question is not: should we change or not? The real question is: how fast you can change? AIM is your way to successful change implementation.”


    --Training Head, Global Pharma

  • “The AIM methodology is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.” 


    --VP, Leadership and OD, Technology Company

  • “Using AIM has been a key enabler for me and the organizations I have been in for the last 15 years. If you spend a lot more energy on the people-side of changes, the other things go more smoothly. You can spend enormous resources on implementation-- but if you have failed to build the Sponsorship for the change, you can't spend enough money or have enough cross-functional meetings to be successful.”


    --Senior Executive, Healthcare

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Build Internal Capacity with Change Management Training

IMA's Change Management Training Programs focus on building your capacity to apply the AIM change management methodology to M&A's. Programs and Workshops are offered to build readiness for audiences from Senior Executives to the Front Lines.

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Managing Mergers and Acquisitions with AIM

Speed Implementation with Change Management Consulting 

IMA's Change Management Consultants can work side-by-side with your team to implement the integration. We can augment your team, or coach you in completing key change management deliverables while you build your internal capacity to apply AIM on future projects.

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