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Instructional Design Consulting Services

Performance Based Instructional Design Services

“Training” is an important part of change and Building Readiness. IMA now offers custom instructional design services in the U.S. that will get your employees ready to perform on day 1 of “go live.” Whether your project involves changes to technology or processes or roles/responsibilities, our designer/developers work with your subject matter experts to build job-specific training that will:

  • Define competent performance. What do people need to do, and how well do they need to do it?
  • Identify what really needs to be included in the training. Training shouldn’t be over-loaded with lots of content that isn’t relevant to the individual
  • Focus on preparing people to practice their job tasks using the new skills. Training is application-focused so people leave with skills and confidence
  • Assess the ability of performers to use the skills that are taught, to the level of performance needed before training ends

Don’t be fooled; there is a price to be paid when training isn’t “performance-based:”

  • Time and money is spent on costly “re-work”
  • Resistance increases, caused by people who feel unprepared and frustrated
  • Adoption is unsustained
  • Planned financial and non-financial benefits aren’t realized

Are You Getting All You Need from Your Training Investments?

We ensure your training is lean and efficient so people are trained only on what is truly needed—no more, and no less.  Our Instructional Designers bring years of experience across all industries and project types.  We’ve worked across dozens of software platforms, and what we haven’t already seen we learn quickly.  Whether you are looking for instructor-led, e-learning or self paced training, or you aren't sure what is best for your audience, we deliver our work products on time, on budget and at an exceptionally high level of quality.  We work with you to:  

  • Identify and gain consensus on project scope, goals, and desired outcomes
  • Determine which audiences need what type of skill development based on their roles, so that training can be customized to what’s really needed to perform the job
  • Recommend best delivery methods for developing skills so that your workforce can leave training with the skills and confidence to be competent performers
  • Measure progress throughout the training through ongoing skill checks
  • Develop lots of practice opportunities in the training so people leave ready to do their jobs
  • Prepare your trainers so they are ready and confident

Don’t assume all training is alike.  Don’t treat training as an afterthought.  We will show you what training can and should be.

Performance Based Training is the Key to Building Readiness for Change

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