Healthcare Transformation

Change Management in Healthcare 

Improve Outcomes by Following This Prescription 

All transformation is challenging, but healthcare faces its own unique challenges.

  • Risk-averse cultures
  • 24/7 operations that are stretched thin
  • Key stakeholders including Physicians and Nurses, who are primarily dedicated to patient outcomes, not business goals

While healthcare systems are highly skilled organizations, implementation is not yet a core capability for most. That’s why so many have seen such great value in adopting the Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) as the structured framework for implementing the never-ending healthcare change portfolio.

We’ve worked with healthcare systems world-wide to build their change capacity. We use data to educate executives and Sponsors on simple, powerful behaviours they must demonstrate to lead change. Our Consultants train and coach mission-critical project teams to develop skilled Change Agents. 

We’ve certified hundreds of AIM Change Practitioners including Nurses and Physicians who become your “super-users” and serve as on-going mentors who continue to build change capability. In fact, Nursing Leaders and Physicians are often the strongest advocates for AIM, because of its systematic, analytical focus. That’s a huge win for your organization!

Our Consultants have experience supporting the implementation of:

  • Cross-functional patient care models
  • New facilities
  • Electronic medical records
  • Operational improvements
  • And a host of other changes

You’re in the people-care business, but that must start with caring for your own people. Prepare them to implement and get sustained adoption for your investments in change.

We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast.

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose AIM?

  • “AIM provides me with a hyper-practical approach to managing change, including not just the how but also the ‘what and when’ questions. The course materials are excellent and I use them and my learnings from the Accreditation class on a daily basis.”


    --Physician and Executive Leader, Global Health Organization


  • “IMA was instrumental in moving our Ambulatory re-design team forward by helping them clearly define each level of Sponsorship and the specific requirements needed for each.”


    --Director of OD, Research Hospital

  • “I am now confidently able to follow a more structured framework to implement change. I have the confidence to be innovative and utilise the tools and strategies from AIM, most notably how to effectively engage with Authorising and Reinforcing Sponsors”.


    --OD Manager, Public Health Organization

  • “AIM gives me language to discuss and make plans around the hardest part of change—the human side. This has helped me with coaching my teammates and our clients through transformational change.”


    --Training Manager, Healthcare Consulting

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Build Internal Capacity with Change Management Training

IMA's Change Management Training Programs focus on building your capacity to apply the AIM change management framework to healthcare projects of all sizes and complexity. Bring your own project and work real-time while you learn.

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Managing Healthcare Transformation with AIM

Speed Implementation with Change Management Consulting

IMA's Change Management Consultants can work side-by-side with your project teams to accelerate your learning and eliminate the risk of spending time and resources doing costly re-work. We coach you in completing key change management deliverables while you build your internal capacity to apply AIM on future projects.

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