Licensing AIM

Licensing AIM is the Key to Success

Purchasing a License to the AIM Methodology Gives You Complete Access to the Whole Package. 

We don’t need to tell you this--the change management methodology universe is confusing, to say the least. Build or Buy? And if you decide to buy, what methodology is the right one for you?

We’ve spent 30 years building the most practical, robust, and flexible change management methodology package available. We’ve literally invested years putting together a complete, integrated system. All focused on one over-arching business objective:  to help you build your capacity to implement strategic changes faster, at a higher level of quality, to full benefit realization.

Choose the AIM License that Best Fits Your Organization. 

Select either our All Access 3 Year or In Perpetuity Option, with fees scaled to your employee size.  With an AIM license you can: 

  • Teach it
  • Brand it with your logo and tailor it to your organization's culture 
  • Integrate it with your project management, process improvement, and leadership development work
  • Receive discounts on our onsite learning programs, assessments and materials

With this enterprise approach to implementation, AIM becomes the way work gets done--a unified, standard, best practice framework that helps break down silo’s.  One way to implement all your changes. 

Let’s be honest.  It would take you years to replicate what we offer you.  Do you really have that kind of time, and those resources? 

Contact us to get details on all the benefits and discounts.

Power Your Change with AIM

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Power Your Change with AIM

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