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Why doesn’t the data just speak for itself? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. As powerful as Operational Excellence methods are, they are weak when it comes to implementation. One Master Black Belt called Implementation the missing I in DMAIC. A great solution poorly implemented won’t produce sustained adoption.

You know this--each time you introduce a new process, you’ll face cultural barriers:

  • How do we get the management team to fully commit to the new process?
  • How will we get people motivated and ready?
  • How will we manage the inevitable resistance, including from leaders who may have their own political agendas?

The fact is... there is no improvement unless people change their behaviour and use the new process as intended on a sustained basis! 

AIM is an invaluable framework that fits hand in glove with continuous improvement and quality approaches. It’s a repeatable process for the people-side of Operational Excellence.

We train you on strategies, tactics, tools and measurement diagnostics that you integrate with your approach. Practitioners like you have learned how to solve thorny problems like Sponsorship, Resistance, and Readiness. They are true believers based on their results. Get trained and join them.

We Give You the Know-How to Get Change Done. Fast.

Power Your Change with AIM

Why Choose AIM?

  • “Lean and Six Sigma are methodologies to help solve problems. Once the problems are solved, the solutions involve a change that needs to be implemented – this is where AIM comes in. AIM also addresses the need for a continuous improvement “culture” that will not happen without Sponsorship.”


    --Master Black Belt, Global Oil & Gas


  • “There is no competition between Lean and AIM. Lean is all about reducing waste, and AIM is all about accelerating the process by which you reduce waste. AIM tools give you a way to actually measure those intangible things that often stifle projects.”


    --Black Belt, Healthcare System

  • “Last week we deployed a large change and it was a phenomenal success compared to other deployments. We got people ready for this change in ways we have never done before, and the feedback has been really positive.”


    --Master Black Belt, Pharma Clinical Testing

  • “AIM has been a tremendous aid in making some cultural barriers more visible and opening the dialogue about behaviors that need to change to meet our target and expected outcomes. It’s provided ways to have conversations of who the Sponsors need to be, and what is needed from them to be successful”.


    --Black Belt, Healthcare System

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Build Internal Capacity with Change Management Training

IMA's Change Management Training Programs focus on building your capacity to apply the AIM change management framework to Quality and Continuous Improvement projects. Bring your own project and work real-time while you learn.

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Implementing Operational Excellence with AIM

Speed Implementation with Change Management Consulting 

IMA's Change Management Consultants can work side-by-side with your team to accelerate your learning. We coach you in completing key change management deliverables while you build your internal capacity to apply AIM on future projects.

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