Implementing Change is Hard. 

Optimization is Even Harder.  

Build Your Change Management Capability with our Accelerating Implementation Methodology Change Process.

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ERP & Technology Changes

ERP & Technology 

Getting new technology up and running is critical, but it’s not enough to ensure system optimization and value realization. Most technology implementation failures are caused by insufficient mitigation of human-side risks, not because of technological integrity. 

Here’s how using AIM can prevent stalled or failed projects.

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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

The potential ROI for Lean/Six Sigma and quality efforts is staggering. The logic and rationale are self-evident. Yet the deployment challenge is difficult and complex. The challenge is to build a culture that truly transforms the organizational mindset. 

Here’s how to achieve the desired results by using AIM

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

“Same bed, different dreams.” Creeping changes, uncertainty, and on-going resistance are  debilitating and drain short and long-term value from a merger. Getting the deal right is only the beginning; integration goes far beyond systems and policies.

Here’s what it takes to get the people-side of M&A right with AIM.

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Culture Change

Culture Change

Innovation, collaboration and other similar strategic imperatives often require a change in culture. By their very nature, cultural changes bring their own implementation complexity. How do you overcome a risk-averse culture, or a silo mentality that no longer fits?  

Here’s how to implement cultural changes with AIM

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Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare is a whirlwind of clinical and operational change where old patient care models must be cast aside. In this complex environment where resource constraints are ever-present, plans must include rigor, discipline, and structure for the human-side of projects.  

Here’s how to build your change capacity with AIM

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Enterprise-wide changes require radical change to technology, business processes, and people. The paradox:  you will get the most resistance from your own mid to upper-level leaders—the very people you need to actively lead the change!  

Here’s how you can achieve optimized results by using AIM

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Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) Road Map

The AIM Change Management Methodology

AIM is a practical, high-impact change management framework that ensures business-critical projects are implemented to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

It's a system, with operationalized principles, tactics, strategies, measurement tools, and learning programs, all based on over 30 years of field research on best implementation practices.

Who Uses AIM?

  • Project Managers
  • IT
  • OD/HR/Learning
  • Business Leaders
  • Healthcare/Pharma (Business & Clinical)
  • Operational Excellence

Don't Take it From Us! 
Here's What One of Our Clients Has to Say About AIM

“Instead of considering launch or go live as the strategic goal, organizations should reframe their definition of success. The end goal of every change initiative should always be full benefit realization. It’s the difference between Installation and Implementation.”

Don Harrison, Developer of the AIM Methodology

Don Harrison

President, Founder and Developer of the AIM Methodology

Leading People Through Business Changes

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Lead People Through Business Changes.

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