Implementing Changes in 2017:  Advice from a Change Management Expert

Posted by Paula Alsher on Thu, Jan 12, 2017 @ 10:15 AM


2016 has been a year of dramatic shifts across the world that signal significant changes and disruption in the political world.  What this means for organizations is still not fully known. What Should Change About Change in 2017?

What is predictable, though, is that the ability to change will be even more important.  Those organizations that are adept at implementing new, and often radically different, strategies will thrive. Those that cling to the past and ignore the need for change capability (with sufficient resources attached) will face challenges that may even threaten survival.

Those of us who are on the front lines of change will need the skills to help our organizations navigate these tumultuous times. From my perspective, “Change Management” is at a point of both awesome opportunity and risk. Here are 5 themes and opportunities I see as important in the year to come:

5 Themes for 2017

  1. Change Management must become “Impact” based, not “Activity” based. If we remain overly tactical and focus our energies on rigid devotion to tools and templates we will miss the chance to really contribute to strategic discussions, and potentially risk our long-term relevance. Scarce resources must be targeted to have maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. 

  2. The ability to Contract with Sponsors for needed actions will be the most important skill for practitioners in multiple fields, including Change, Operational Excellence, Program/Project Management, and even Management Team members. We should start teaching this skill as part of every leadership development curriculum.

  3. We need to link our efforts to other protocols. Change Management should be connected to Project Management, Operational Excellence (Lean/Six Sigma as an example) and Strategy Implementation. Our work will be more welcomed if we demonstrate with data how we can contribute to organizational results.

  4. Our language needs to change to be business-outcome focused. We need to be adept at using language that leaders use, have data at our fingertips, and truly understand the business of our organizations.

  5. Sequencing and prioritization will continue to be enormous challenges that need to be addressed at the senior leadership level.

IMA is Changing, Too

In the next several weeks we will be introducing on a larger scale our first wave of updated materials:

  • An updated Practical Guide to Change Project Management
  • A revised Change Agent Assessment Tool and Individual Readiness Tool
  • A brand new website designed to make it easier to navigate and find the information you need

Watch your email for details and for continued opportunities to learn and enhance your own capability.

The entire IMA team is grateful for almost 3 decades of work around the world and value our partnerships with our clients. We look forward to 2017 as an exciting, challenging year for all of us.

Best wishes for a great year!


Best regards,

Don Harrison, Developer of the AIM Methodology

Don Harrison, President IMA

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