The Value of AIM Change Management Certification

Posted by Don Harrison on Wed, Feb 06, 2019 @ 11:15 AM

There is an ongoing debate in the world of Change Management on the merits of being “certified.” Some will argue there is no certification in the world that can adequately prepare you for the daily ins and outs of the job. The other side of the argument will point out you cannot possibly understand change management without a foundation in its principles. The Value of Certification

No matter which side you fall, nobody can argue a lack of certification options exists! Today’s marketplace is certainly filled with a myriad of choices. So, when it comes down to it, how do you decide if certification is necessary and, maybe more to the point, which program is right for you?


Not All Change Management Methodologies are Created Equally

The fact is, in this day and age, no organization will ever have the full complement of resources necessary to perfectly and quickly implement any major project. That’s why each and every scarce resource must be targeted to have maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. Any approach to change management that prescribes the activities of Change Agents and Sponsors without continuously weighing the relative impact and risk of that activity is completely missing the boat.

Certification in the AIM Change Management Methodology, however, is different. It is not like other methodologies that are based on a step-by-step protocol of first you do this checklist, then you fill out this template. AIM is impact based, not activity based, and emphasizes a fit for purpose approach that uses personal judgment (based on proven principles) to determine which strategies and tactics are needed based on the day-to-day realities of your project. The goal of AIM is not to do a series of formulaic activities, but rather to reflect the cyclic and iterative nature of change itself, by knowing what to do and when to do it.

Accreditation in AIM gives you the principles, strategies, tools and tactics to analyze and mitigate the key risks on the people side of a change for any type of project, no matter how complex, under any conditions you face. Watch this short video of Dr. Kandi Wiens talking about why AIM Accreditation was a life-changing professional development experience for her:



What Do You Learn at an AIM Accreditation?

Many of you may have taken an on-site 2-day Introduction to AIM program. While this course provides a very good overview of the AIM principles, it only scratches the surface of what is covered in the Accreditation class. The 4-day Accreditation is a deep dive into the AIM Methodology. Every class is slightly different, as the dynamics of the class change depending on who is enrolled. You will bring a project from your real-life and we work together as a group to so that everyone walks away with immediately useable deliverables for the people side of your project. Sample topics covered in a typical AIM Accreditation session include:

  • How to use Sponsor Contracting to get Sponsors to do what you need for long-term success
  • Identifying how historic barriers in your organization impact your current change project, and how to mitigate these systemic risks
  • Developing a strong Communication strategy that really works
  • Managing the never-ending churn of resistance to change in new and innovative ways
  • Using a Reinforcement Strategy to motivate employees to move from the status quo

Is AIM Right for You?

Still debating if AIM is right for your organization? Here’s what a few of our most recent AIM graduates had to say about the session:

  • “The reason I’ve survived as a programme manager in this company for so long is because of my certification in AIM, it’s actually the reason I’ve been so successful and prospered in this work. It is also, and most importantly, the reason I can enjoy the work I do.” -P.C. Technology, Telecom
  • “I really like the practical/real-world/outcome orientation of AIM. The training this week made the challenges I face on my main delivery program, especially around Sponsorship, crystal clear.” -A.M. Program Management, Technology
  • “AIM has become embedded in how I do my work. I highly recommend taking the class! Once you start using the methodology and tools you will reap the benefits of all the success!” -F.J. Organizational Change Consultant, Healthcare

When you become certified in the AIM Change Management Methodology, yes, you leave with a framed certificate for your shelf, and yes you can add the term AIM Accredited in your signature line. But it is so much more than that. When you are certified (or re-certified) in AIM, you leave with a new way of approaching this crazy world we call change management…and that’s the first step to making a real impact on the bottom line.

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